Italian light luxury furniture brand, popular Italian furniture, light luxury style recommendation!

Italian light luxury style furniture, with its elegant shape and unique temperament, has become the choice of more and more young and middle-aged upstarts. Italian light luxury furniture brand, in the genes of Italy, with creativity and design innate, always at the forefront of fashion. Here are a few popular Italian light luxury style furniture!

Fendi Casa, an Italian luxury furniture brand

In 1989, FENDI announced the establishment of its home furnishing series Fendi Casa, which was also the first fashion luxury brand to set foot in the home furnishing field. FENDI believes that there is no better place in the world than home. In times of fatigue, home is the best harbor.

Fendi Casa inherits Fendi’s century-old classic craftsmanship. Tradition and modernity collide, novel shapes, and the inadvertent overlap between rare leather and various luxurious materials fully demonstrate Fendi Casa’s low-key luxury.

Italian style light luxury furniture brand Baxter

Baxter is one of the most luxurious Italian furniture brands in the world, founded in 1990 by Luigi and Paolo Bestetti. The classic British style, the best quality leather is selected, and the traditional pure handcrafts are used to ensure that every piece of furniture has noble and extraordinary quality.

Shanghai Rock Paper Scissors Home Furnishing and BAXTER are the world's first BAXTER concept exhibition hall, which is the first to show the world the brand new "BAXTER House". BAXTER's new exhibition hall is a forward-looking introduction of green plant elements into multiple indoor spaces, allowing people living in it to restore contact with nature, and obtain more authentic and relaxing spiritual comfort. One by one BAXTER spatial aesthetics "code" has achieved art-level works that can conquer the senses and emotions. Behind the "code" is the thinking about "home", the understanding of "beauty", and the "life". Faith.

Italian luxury furniture brand Bentley Home

Most people's understanding of Bentley rests on the perception of luxury cars. Since 1931, the interiors of Bentley cars have been handmade by experienced craftsmen in Crewe, England. In 2013, Bentley Group and the Italian furniture manufacturer Luxury Living Group reached a cooperation. Bentley began to enter the furniture design industry, trying to condense its brand concept and style into the house or office. Through luxurious and meticulous manual techniques, Bentley created the best Bentley Home, a home series with an elegant atmosphere.

Bentley Home products are beautiful in appearance and durable. All products continue Bentley's craftsmanship requirements. The selection of leather is extremely strict. The wood for wooden veneers comes from all over the world: nanmu, ash, maple, etc. In terms of color matching, Bentley furniture uses ample ivory white and smoky brown ash as the main colors, with light beige and creamy white as decoration. For the use of mixed materials, whether it is a sofa with velvet and high-end fabrics, a coffee table with handmade leather and Pol walnut, the use of marble, ebony, and refined steel show the ultimate aesthetics of Bentley's craftsmanship.

A&X Furniture Brand Introduction

A&X brings a charming interpretation of post-modern aesthetic furniture with stylish, luxurious and exquisite furniture and home decoration.

The brand cooperates with outstanding talents in the fields of furniture, art, construction, materials and design to create a living space with breakthrough quality and unlimited creativity and a high-quality lifestyle.

Ambition & Xeniu was founded in 2007 by Tong Zhilong, the chairman of UNNU Furniture, as a platform to showcase design, creativity, craftsmanship, the art of using materials and new decorative furniture.


In terms of light luxury style, Italian light luxury furniture has been developed since the 1960s. To this day, light luxury style is still active in the public eye and continues to be loved by everyone. Have you got the recommendation of the above-mentioned popular Italian light luxury style furniture?






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