United Euro Furniture & Red Star Macalline Cooperation Exchange Meeting was officially held

On March 13, 2021, the general manager of Red Star Macalline, Mr. Ma Weijie, and his entourage visited United Euro Furniture. The strategic cooperation exchange meeting between the two parties was officially held in Liwan Hotel. Both parties will share resources, system construction, sincere cooperation and September 2021. Start exchanges on matters related to the Shanghai exhibition, and seek common future!



Tong Zhilong, chairman of United Oulu, said:  After adjustment and upgrades throughout the year, after the separation of production and sales in 2021, United Oulu Furniture will continue to take the lead in the subdivision of light luxury. The company will maintain the fine tradition of active innovation and product quality improvement. At the same time, the cooperation space between United Euro Furniture and Red Star Macalline is further expanded. Mr. Tong Zhilong also expressed his expectation for the upcoming launch of the new simple luxury brand "TUZAD" to enter the Red Star Macalline store. He said "TUZAD" is the second key polished brand after A&X, bringing together the company. Advantage.


Sun Xiao, general manager of United Europe, added that the future management of United Europe Furniture will focus on talent reserve, talent echelon construction, intelligent office system, and diligent content to improve efficiency. At the same time, we hope to have more in-depth business cooperation with Red Star Macalline in the future. , Such as in-depth cooperation in store expansion, joint marketing, exhibition investment and other fields!

Mr. Ma Weijie, general manager of Red Star Macalline, said that Red Star and United Continental have always maintained a close cooperative relationship. The biggest reason is the firm style of President Tong and President Sun, as well as the clear product positioning and strong position of United Continental in the high-end furniture field. In 2021, Red Star Macalline will make new plans and adjustments in cooperation with United Continental, including adjustments in business ideas, adjustments in investment ideas, and adjustments in category planning ideas. The senior executive of Red Star Macalline, Mr. Thank you, also said that as a key cooperative enterprise of Red Star Macalline, United Oulu Furniture will increase the depth in the future joint marketing level.

On-site event exchanges, detailed discussions and communication on the specific cooperation plan for 2021, and the two parties reached a high degree of agreement on the actions of the marketing cooperation model. The two sides expressed that they will further advance and implement the agreement reached at this meeting, and win a new chapter in 2021!

In 2021, the domestic epidemic prevention and control has achieved significant results. The macro environment of the home furnishing industry will pick up this spring. Mature big data and accurate analysis will escort the industry. United Oulu Furniture and Red Star Macalline will work together to create a dream team for China's high-end furniture, providing consumers with high-quality products and more enthusiastic services. Let us look forward to it together.






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